Favorite Pieces: Target Home Collection This Fall

If you haven’t yet heard/checked out the Target Home collection, where have you been? Target has already become a go-to store for many popular interior decorators. Whenever I go into our local Target store I always make sure to browse the home section. I don’t always buy what I see but, I always check anyway–just in case.

If you want to shop the Target Home collection, even if you do live near a Target store, you’re more likely to find what you want online. Physical stores don’t always have what I’m looking for in-store. The website is your best bet if you really want something. The good news is, if something online is also available in-store, the website now displays details about aisle location so things are easier to find. I’ve found the aisle details to be very helpful for reducing the amount of time I spend in-store looking for things when I’m in a rush.

Although great, the Target website can be a bit of a bottomless pit if you don’t shop already knowing what you want. It’s just that there are so many great items from Target and other brands!

I’m sharing some of my favorite furniture/decor pieces from the Target Home collection this fall.  I’ve done some of the hard work for you. Enjoy!

You may notice I selected quite a few “mid-century modern” inspired pieces. If I had to pick just one decor style for my home it would be this. I love the lines and style of this time period. The great thing is, Target continues to stock “mid-century modern” pieces which I love. I’ll probably definitely be picking up a few pieces this fall. I already see where some of these items would fit at home!


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