My Manhattan Apartment Home Office Setup

If there’s one thing we learned moving into Manhattan, space is precious. When we moved into the city, we had to think long and hard about what we would not bring with us because of the size of our apartment. We have managed to fit quite a bit, into our tiny space, including being able to dedicate one corner to a home office setup.

I wasn’t sure how things would work at first. All I knew was that it was important NOT to block the windows because, in Manhattan, you have to treasure every ray of sunlight that makes it’s way into your apartment. I also knew I didn’t want this space to look TOO cramped.

I think this home office setup is great considering the limitations. I did have to replace the table legs that I used last time because of space considerations so that was a bit annoying.

home office decor

Old home office setup

home office manhattan-2

New home office setup

Our last apartment had gorgeous windows and light while our Manhattan apartment has…less light. To put it nicely.

My new home office setup is still facing a window, as you can see below. Please excuse the lighting in these. Unfortunately I took these new pictures at night after returning from work and vowing to update the blog.

I have pulled the blinds down to spare the neighbors across the courtyard from my camera flash.

Another slight difference, the table legs. At the old apartment I had the Ikea Lerberg trestle legs which I spray painted copper. These legs, although great, had to go because there wasn’t enough space for the old home office desk setup with the table and the file cabinet given how the trestle legs are shaped.

So, I ordered 2 Ikea Godmorgon legs. These legs are height adjustable and conveniently attach to the table top with screws. After attaching the legs, I balanced the table top on top of the file cabinet. Home office desk setup complete.

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The good thing about the Godmorgon legs is that since they are height adjustable I amĀ able to match the height of the table top to the height of the file cabinet exactly.The trestle legs were not the same height as the file cabinet and would not have worked.

home office manhattan-3Imagine on the left side of this picture is our Norden gateleg dining table (we kept that) and then the one-wall galley kitchen.

The lamp here is the Carpenter lamp from CB2. I immediately loved the bright orange color in the store and it is a nice break from all the white. This is a great lamp if you don’t want to dedicate desk space or floor space to a lamp because it attaches to the desk with a clamp. I am also using a SUPER bright Cree lightbulb to light up the place at night. These are not cheap bulbs but the brightness is worth the expense.

The bookshelf in this picture is the same Expedit which once served as our tv stand in our old apartment. Still going strong and the paint job has held up. This time it is in a “vertical” position. I attached some command hooks to the side of the the bookshelf and the wall to allow me to hang a few things.

home office manhattan-4The deep window-sill serves as an “extension” of the desk. My desk also doubles as my vanity so you can see my makeup in the acrylic drawers on the left. The stacked acrylic drawers are from MUJI and are great for storing makeup.

home office manhattan-2I’ve kept my table cleaner than usual to help with the illusion of space in a small room. Clutter is not my friend.

I did have space for these two though. My sister got me Funko POP! figures of Sansa Stark and Bill Compton since I love Game of Thrones and loved True Blood. Now I need to find Daenerys and Jon Snow.

home office manhattanThanks for stopping by and reading! If you have any questions I am happy to answer in the comments.
Take care!

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