Some News. We’re REALLY REALLY Leaving New York City!

Leaving NYCI recently wrote about our apartment search this year and our strong desire to leave NYC behind for Jersey City (for now). I think it is fair to say that not everyone can understand our lack of desire to live in NYC. Just recently the city began running taxi tv ads to encourage New Yorkers to explore the city with the slogan “for everyone else it’s the trip of a lifetime, for you it’s a subway ride”.

So yeah, people love it here. People want to move here. Obviously. People love to visit! It’s a great place.

Well, there is about to be an opening, and one less Corgi, in Manhattan because we are leaving!

But, if you thought moving across the Hudson was the end of it…think again!

The news is that we won’t be moving to Jersey City. We will be moving to…

drumroll please…


But how did this happen? You may ask.

Like so many things these days, it all started with an email in my inbox. One month ago I was contacted by a very large Seattle company to start the interview process for a role that I might be a fit for. I wasn’t sure how the process would go as this company has an interview process that is well known for having HIGH standards and being challenging for even the most experienced people. But hey, when opportunity knocks right?

I didn’t dare to imagine (too much) that I might actually succeed through the entire process and land a job offer. I was sure I had the experience to do well but I wasn’t sure about making it through the interview process. Every conversation convinced me this would be the right move professionally and personally. Professionally, I would take the next step in my career at a great company. Personally, I knew we weren’t going to stay on the East Coast forever and Seattle was at the top of our “list” of other places to live.

I just thought it would be too much to ask to move to a city I love, with a job I would love, at a company that I admire. Without having to break a lease! Can’t forget that.

I guess I should have had more faith.

So here we are, packing up our lives for another huge move. This time across the country to the West Coast.

Some things I am looking forward to: the new job, milder summers, the Puget Sound, Seahawks games, road trips up and down the coast, larger apartments (maybe even with a view), Mount Rainier, Lake Union, Orcas, etc.

We only have 3 more weeks in NYC. I still can’t completely believe it.

Leaving NYC-Moving To SeattleThis has been a crazy week.

Despite all this, we’re still going ahead as scheduled with the wedding. One of the first things we did when we found out about the move was buy round trip airfare from Seattle to New York for the week of the wedding. So, I guess we are having a destination wedding? Fun!



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