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target_logoHappy Day Before Tax Day! (not a holiday). This year I managed to avoid my usual last minute rush to file. *pats self on back*

I’m starting a new series of posts¬†about home decor shopping on a budget. These posts will be about my favorite stores for home shopping on a budget. Hopefully these help you with decorating your space.

I have tendinitis in my wrist and this has meant taking a break from projects around the apartment because…pain. I haven’t updated the site because I really haven’t been doing much in the decor arena or anywhere else really. I still have to get through my list but most of that will have to wait while I heal.

Today I’ll be sharing what I usually shop for at Target and what you might want to avoid buying from there.Cost shouldn’t stop you from having an amazing space that you enjoy coming home to. If you are home decor shopping on a budget you should really consider Target.

Target is great–for certain things. If you are the sort of person that needs to have “one of a kind” pieces at home then you might want to stay away from Target. Chances are you’ll visit a friend one day and see your dish set on their dining table. Target is a large retailer after all.

Despite my love for Target, there are still some items I would not purchase from Target–mostly heavy furniture. I just haven’t had great experiences with their furniture. Some of their newer side tables/end tables might be worth a look now that they have improved their offerings.

Here are the things I usually look for at Target:



Dishes, mugs, tumblers, vases, jars, tumblers, etc. If it breaks and will be used frequently, you should give Target a look before trying more expensive stores. You can usually find a good range of colors and patterns (especially if you look online at Target.com). I stick with solid colors when I shop here and only pick up patterns every once in a while. Definitely try the Target Threshold brand for some great dinner sets. Also Room Essentials, another Target brand.

Accent pieces


By which I mean items to decorate your shelves, nooks, mantles, side tables, desks, nightstands, walls, etc. In the area of “home accessories” like vases, trays, lamps, mirrors, etc Target is always a good place to start. You can even use some of their patterned dishes as wall ornaments if you are feeling adventurous. The key here is not to go overboard and purchase every accent piece in your home from Target.

Honorable mentions worth considering at Target:

  • Bedding: You wont find 2000-thread count sheets at Target (do these exist?) but there are very nice sheets available at great prices. Items from Threshold, Fieldcrest,¬†Boho Boutique, and Simply Shabby Chic brands are worth a look. The great thing here is being able to mix and match items from all their brands. FYI I would not buy bed pillows here but decorative pillows are fine. I have learned, from experience, that no matter how firm the Target bed pillow starts out it WILL flatten within a few months and you will be purchasing new ones quickly.
  • Lampshades and Lamp bases: shop for these at Target.com. The store display items are just the tip of the iceberg. You could probably find lampshades for every room in your home at Target.com for under $25 each.
  • Rugs: shop at Target.com as they don’t have a lot of in store options (at our Target at least). Not sure I would purchase these online without being able to feel the rug but give them a look.

Hopefully my hand heals soon so that I can get back to some of the things I want to do around the apartment. To add to all this, it will soon be time to start apartment hunting (our lease is up in the summer) and we want to get a head start! I have a feeling we won’t be doing much more until after we move.

Thanks for reading!


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