In my earlier post about finding our dining table, I wrote about how we have had a variety of dining tables in the last few years (or lack of a dining table entirely). One thing that has always been true, no matter where we lived, is that we have never had the space for the massive 10-15 person tables you sometimes see in home decor magazines. Because of this, I’ve had a lot of experience looking for dining tables for small spaces.

The first place I usually look for dining tables for small spaces is Ikea. Ikea is ALWAYS a great resource if you want solutions for small spaces but they aren’t the only option.

This time I knew we would not be going with an Ikea dining table and this led to a lot of research on dining tables for small spaces. I searched for tables in the under 45 inches range (whether round/square/rectangular/oval) and I found quite a few options during our search. We went with this one from West Elm which also expands.

Now, I’m sharing my other dining tables for small spaces from a variety of stores. From Target to West Elm to Home Depot. Some of these tables are also under $300! Ikea is not the only place to find dining tables for small spaces so here’s hoping you find this list helpful!

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