Our Bedroom Nightstands

We got new nightstands! First, let’s take a look back at some of our bedroom nightstands from the past.

There was the DIY hairpin leg nightstand. This first one is from when we lived on the East Coast. I had a crazy idea to design/build our nightstands even though I had never done anything like that before and it worked! I should point out these nightstands only had two legs. They had to lean against the wall for support. However, I really liked the look. Not bad for a first try.

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Next nightstands are from after we moved to Seattle. We kept things very simple and bought nightstands from Target. We chose the Target Fretwork Accent Table. I am not sure if I have mentioned this already but I genuinely love Target home. Just in case you can’t tell from this blog and my Instagram feed. Almost everything in the picture below is in fact from Target. The bag is the exception.


Now, to our current bedroom nightstands and how they were chosen (below). You can see we kept the lamp from Target.

dayana 1 drawer bedroom nightstands

I ordered our bedroom nightstands online, sight unseen, from Allmodern.com after a lot of research. I really wanted bedroom nightstands with the right height and weight. These had to be tall enough for whenever we finally add a bed/headboard to the room and sturdy enough that the nightstands don’t get blown over by a slight breeze (the Target fretwork nightstands were too lightweight).

I initially wanted the West Elm Wood Tiled Nightstand. However, one evening I was browsing the Allmodern website and discovered the Dayana 1 Drawer Nightstand. This nightstand has a similar look and similar dimensions to the West Elm Tiled nightstands. The Dayana bedroom nightstands  are also almost the same weight. Finally, the Dayana nightstand cost $130 less than West Elm (per nightstand) when I placed my order.

We now have two Dayana 1 Drawer Nightstands in our bedroom.

dayana 1 drawer bedroom nightstandsThese bedroom nightstands are also still on-sale at Allmodern/Wayfair.

The lamp above is this LED lamp from Target. I am still debating wall sconces and moving the lamp elsewhere but this setup works for now.

Curtains are Silverbuske curtains from Ikea and actually just got replaced today with a less patterned curtain. Just in time for Spring, hurray!

You may also have noticed part of my Harry Potter collection stored in the nightstand. I am a proud Potterhead.

Shipping from Allmodern was hassle free and the nightstands arrived in great condition on the scheduled date. The only assembly required was to screw in the drawer pull.

If there was anything I would change, it would be replacing the drawer pulls with metallic ones that match the lamp. However, that’s a later project.

Happy to say we are slowly but surely adding furniture at home after our recent purge.



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