About Liz Du Jour

About The Blog

Liz Du Jour is a personal and lifestyle blog based in Seattle. This blog is a space to share what inspires me and hopefully inspire you as well!

Here I share everything from DIY projects to travel photos to what I did yesterday.

FYI since “what I did yesterday” probably involved “being at work” there might not be too many updates like this.

About Me

I was born in Nigeria and moved to the United States as a teenager. Since moving to the US, I’ve lived in multiple cities including 3 different attempts at settling in New York. During all this moving around, a husband and a corgi attached themselves to me and have refused to leave. After much thought, the three of us made the decision to move permanently to Seattle in July 2015. Read why here and here.

I work (a lot) at a Seattle tech company where my team is expanding a new service across the US. When I’m not at work I like exploring Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, reading books, Netflixing, blogging, taking photos.

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